Portraits Project: Dance Your Flaming Minds

2012 on going

Four young individuals came from different cultural backgrounds, have different skin colors and with different interests in daily lives, they were also brought up with different ideologies, however there is one thing in common: they all love dance, many times intoxicatingly.

The four peculiar body movements unfold four singular inner worlds that are on the fullness of search, desire, struggle and joy. While their bodies start to burn their minds, the dynamic comes out of the movements transforms into a form of flame – it’s vigorous and infective.

One could see these personal dynamics as an evidence of a profound existential state of mind that is rarely exposed.

* This project is open for more people to join.

Portrait 1. Paolo Yao_MONDOS
June 2013 International Stilte Festival, Breda, NL

Portrait 2. IJbert Verweij _ IJbert Verweij
21 November 2012, Teijin Auditorium de Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Amsterdam, NL

Portrait 3. Gover Meit _ UTOPIA Absolute (temporary title)
Currently work in progress

Portrait 4. Xue Mu _ White Clown (temporary title)

Currently work in progress